On the left co-founder and managing parter Andrew Abidlgaard - believing cool guys don't look at explosions  

Right Logan Stevenson, piano expert, original member and profound artist force

Far right.  Jams Coldwell who hopes to learn music one day but excels at never blinking

Funny the difference a year makes.  Like a lyrical hydra when we lost a head two more take it's place

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A couple scant years ago a devlisih devil convinced his two best friends he had a great idea.  He had an idea, the verdict of history will decide in the end validity.

VP's Operations & Manufaturing

Logan & James

James & Logan

The New Guys

(we are founding a nation)

RIley Hanson

Electronic Artist, SInger, Producer

Erin Wolfe

Undergraduate Music Theorist

A third year student at the University of Calgary Erin specializes in theory, vocal instruction and musicology

Gerhard Westphalen


A freelance scoring mixer and graduate of both Berkley and U of C, Gerhard is the new power incarnate at SΦ for all things recorded




An actor and writer, Blu is taking the next year to work with Studio Zero as an intern, getting his feet wet with music while studying acting


An aspiring writer, Grey (yes we aware that we somehow have two interns named after colors, it's not a hazing ritual) helps fan emails and promotion.


DJ & Bass player, relocated from Lethbridge this past Summer to bring his talents to Studio Zero

DJ and Bassist

Founder, guitarist, vocalist, song writing and luthier. Self-taught Andrew is the inspirational namesake of Studio Zero.

Andrew Abildgaard


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