I. So, Not a Zero

       A scratch track using synthetic instruments that show what a live performance             MIGHT sound like.  This first section is written in Sonata form with the intent of          introducing the audience to several of the different techniques and style they will         the rest of the piece will use.

All music and spoken word written by Andrew Abildgaard.  Vocal performances by Andrew Abildgaard, Hodan Duelah & Tyler Sadler.

II. Copper Closer/Distant Summer - Andrew Abildgaard

The second section from the piece introducing a an acoustic rock piece performed solo, stripping the music down to the barest of mediums.

III. For Alice - Bullets & Bronze feat. Beethoven

A very tongue in cheek adaptation utilizing erasure poetry in song writing form.  (a non-classically trained composer can utilize classical forms, atonal harmonies and modern technical elements.)