Jens-Anders Nul



A writer, actor, and musician, Anders is the founder of Studio Zero.  Focusing on practical, individual needs, and student specific goals, he teaches voice and guitar in pop, rock, and theatre stylings. 

Ander's philosophy is that music should be accessible to any who desire it and that natural talent will always be secondary to practice, dedication, and creativity.

He believes anybody can learn to be an effective musician and is dedicated to helping his students become so.


Our instructors are available for free consultations about lessons. Students and teachers should be compatible and lessons should be fun. 

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Logan Stevenson


Violin ● Cello

Bass Guitar

Throughout his entire life Logan has first and foremost been a musician. Classically trained on piano and violin - he uses that knowledge to develop the best way for his students to find their inner musical voice.

His belief is that there is a musician in everyone, just waiting to come out. And when people embrace that fact, there's no telling what you can accomplish. 

We offer half-hour and full-hour lessons in several styles with one of our instructors.

Guitar - Electric & Acoustic

Voice - Pop, Rock, Musical Theatre

Piano - Classical, Pop & Rock

Bass Guitar - Electric & Acoustic

Violin - Classical & Fiddle

Cello - Classical & Contemporary