Lessons & Rates

We offer half-hour and full-hour lessons in several styles with one of our instructors.

  • Guitar - Electric & Acoustic

  • Voice - Pop, Rock, Musical Theatre

  • Piano - Classical & Pop

  • Bass - Electric & Acoustic

  • Songwriting - Instrumental & Lyrical

  • DAW (Digital Audio Work-space) Operation

  • DJ'ing 

Half-Hour Lesson        $25

Full-Hour Lesson         $35

Ten Lessons Rate (1/2) $200

Ten Lessons Rate (Full) $300

The Paradigm

It begins like this: music is above all else a learned skill - and we teach those who want to learn.

Studio Zero was designed for the type of student who might not think of themselves as a musician.  Or even capable of it.  The type who might be intimidated by a more formal setting or classical teaching structure.


Studio Zero operates under the paradigm that music should be accessible to anybody wishing to learn and achievable through practice and dedication.  We seek to undo the myth that music is a “gift” or an “in-born talent” and focus instead on the importance of learned skills, practice and creativity.


If you have avoided music instruction for fear of being “tone-deaf” or feel you lack the aptitude but have always wanted to give it a try, this is the place for you.  Our instructors are dedicated to making sure you achieve your goals at a rate that makes sense for you.


It’s a relaxed atmosphere, aimed at a constructing a community, developing skills, and most of all having fun along the way.


The ability to play music is not a magical skill only bestowed upon the lucky.  It is learned, cultivated, and developed. Most of all, it is something you can do.  


We aren’t looking for talent, we are creating it.