The eponymous line of guitars feature our best work.  Each guitar is uniquely designed by one of our design team and crafted meticulously.  Each guitar is one-of-a-kind, and it is our guarantee to NEVER RECREATE a design, ensuring that an SØ guitar truly stands out in the hand of it's owner. 

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Every Studio Zero guitar is one-of-a-kind.


Proteus - The Story of 

Studio Zero's first custom guitar.

A long dreamed about project by Anders, the first guitar we ever constructed was a hybrid of the creator's two favourite guitars, the Les Paul and Telecaster, Proteus is a slickly designed guitar featuring the best elements of two iconic guitar types with a custom design and paint job. With a TC body, neck and bridge assembly, it features two of our custom select humbucker pickups in Zebra Style black & cream.

Utilizing a clear pick guard to clear up space on the body for design, Proteus features a White on black geometric racing stripe running the entire length of the body. The zebra pickups follow the design element and offer three incredibly unique sounds from the three position switch, the tones of which, while varying greatly, all sound fantastic. 

The success of the Proteus lead to the formation of S0 designs.

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An LP style double humbucker guitar inspired by creative Danish Heritate, the Ragnarok is an homage to its designer's ancestry. The beautiful spalted maple top wood bleeds a warm red stain with striking opaque white lines running both vertically and horizontally. 

Out custom select humbucker pick-ups bring together a warm, rhythmic tone accompanied by a cutting edge.

The third guitar from Studio Zero shows our commitment to both beauty and functionality, playing with the same polished perfection.

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Ragnarok JP  

Studio Zero's Danish roots.